Invited Speakers

  • Biological processes at cellular membranes - new knowledge through the use of neutron- And X-ray Scattering
    Marité Cárdenas (Department of Biomedical Science, Malmö University, Sweden)

  • Reflections on the solid/liquid interface: Minerals, Metals and Extreme Conditions
    Stuart Clarke (Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, UK)

  • Neutralising Acid in Engine Oil – How Stopped-Flow Neutron Scattering Transformed Our Perspective 
    David Growney (The Lubrizol Corporation, Derby, UK)

  • Scattering studies of polymer-drug conjugates: from Fishing to resolve, to starting to Dissolve
    Alison Paul (School of Chemistry, Cardiff University, UK)

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline [extended]

16 April 2021

Registration deadline:

24 May 2021 (12:00 BST)

Organised by:

IOP/RSC Neutron Scattering Group

RSC Colloid and Interface Science Group

SCI Colloid and Surface Chemistry Group